About US


We at FrontLines EduTech strongly believe that with the right guidance and perfect determination, any student willing to learn to program can become a master of coding. All team members at FrontLines EduTech are aces of their respective fields and they share the highest level of commitment towards quality teaching and student success and satisfaction. The present structure of computer education in colleges and universities is not aligned with the needs of the IT Industry. Students have no place to go and bridge this huge gap. It was this realization that prompted me to address this very real need of the student community. FrontLines EduTech was started as a learning center where we teach fundamentals of programming to college students. The courses here are designed to help students with their curriculum and give them a real feel of the IT industry. In the two years, we have helped more than 1000+ students achieve their goals and made them the darlings of the industry. At FrontLines EduTech, all our instructors are themselves great coders and highly employable in the Industry. They decided to join FrontLines EduTech instead of lucrative jobs in the industry because they are passionate about teaching and strongly believe in the company's vision.